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About us

Caremil an important producer of ready-made garments is located in Roman in the north-east of Romania.

Caremil is committed to providing top quality products and on time delivery to customers worldwide, evidenced by an increasing clientele.During the recent successful years of expansion the Company has keep its initial faith in product quality and customer satisfaction through optimizing efficiency and productivity by developing programs for employees to establish a vital enthusiastic tearnwork spirit and by installing high tehnology equipment.

At Caremil, we recognise the value of a happy, motivated and well trained team. The social well-being and working conditions of ou 370 employees are a crucial part of our responsibility approach to manufacturing. In providing medical, social and educational structures for our production teams, we aspire to promote a harmonius and responsible environment.

Our sewing, fusing and cutting equipment is based on the latest high technogy and as a result the sewing section has a capacity of 80,000 garments per month.

Management and staff work to increase overall productivity through isolating and eliminating unnecessary costs and wastage and to ensure timely delivery of all orders. Further we follow strict quality control practices in our factory to achieve items of high quality. As a result, we have been ISO9001:2000 certified, registration no. 73 100 2159 by TUV CERT. We are proud of our workmanship and our ability to comply with our clients requests. Through continuity of trouble free quality workmanship and on-time-delivery we intend to increase the number of clients we serve in Europe and around the world.

Company engaged in the manufacture and export of textile clothing of the highest quality in accordance with market requirements, CAREMIL works since 1977.

Years of experience have allowed the company to achieve a high degree of professionalism that meets all your expectations and reach, providing no quality problems and while giving you good impression, creativity and partnership.


Management Team

Sorin Chiriac


Cristina Chiriac

General Director

Andreea Tincu